About Us

BAAF Makina is known as a leading player in industrial bread production. Over the years, they have pioneered many innovations in bread automation systems and have been recognized by other players in the industry. BAAF Makina designs various automation systems to increase efficiency, improve quality, and reduce costs in bread production. These systems include dough preparation machines, ovens, slicing machines, packaging machines, and many other products. They continuously conduct research and development to provide their customers with the best possible service. This allows them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry and offer their customers the newest technologies. Additionally, the company offers customized solutions to meet their customers' specific needs. They can design automation systems in different sizes and capacities to fit their customers' unique requirements. BAAF Makina values honesty, transparency, and customer satisfaction in their relationships with their customers. By understanding their customers' needs, they aim to provide the most suitable solutions. As a result, BAAF Makina is a leading company in industrial bread production, providing their customers with high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Why Choose Us?


Reliability: Being a reliable business partner for our customers is always our top priority. We strive to understand our customers' needs and provide them with the best solutions by maintaining open communication before and after sales processes. This way, we ensure that our customers feel comfortable and secure when working with us.


Wide Range of Products: We offer a wide range of bread automation systems designed to meet our customers' specific needs in different sizes and capacities. Our aim is to meet all kinds of bread production needs of our customers. Furthermore, we keep up with the latest trends in the industry and offer our customers the newest and most advanced technologies.


Professional Service: Providing our customers with a professional service is very important to us. Our expert team recommends the most suitable automation systems according to our customers' needs and provides professional service during the installation process. This way, our customers entrust their work to us with confidence and get the best results. Additionally, we are always with our customers with our after-sales services and solve their problems as soon as possible.